About Totnes Wine Co.

How I Went From Hotel Owner to Wine Merchant

From working in the hospitality sector, Julian Packer developed a passion and appreciation for fine wines and food.

While the recession hit the UK in the 1980’s Julian recognised it was time for him to make a change and he observed the exciting time that was taking place for wine businesses.

Previously the German and French wines had dominated the market but now it was opening up to New World wines from Australia and New Zealand.

This opportunity piqued Julian’s interest and he established his first wine merchant business in the renowned UK sherry port of Bristol.

Many successful and learned years have gone by since and now Julian has gone back to his roots to Devon and has taken the reigns of the Totnes Wine Company.

Previously owned by well respected wine consultant Nigel Pound, who is still now a vital part of the team, Totnes Wine Co. provides customers with a vast range of high quality, single estate wines from all around the world.

Totnes Wine Co. now plans to continue to build meaningful and ongoing relationships with wine growers and import directly while continuing to provide their customers, old and new, with great quality wine both in shop in Totnes, Devon and now too, online!

They are introducing a Deli to their Totnes shop where customers can buy local cheese and other delicious deli goodies to accompany their wine.

Totnes Wine Co. is a traditional wine merchant, specialising in old world wines however always one to keep an eye on what the market likes, Julian and Nigel also keep a keen eye on the New World Wines.